Fresh Strawberry Diamond

Weight: 320g
Price: Rs.400

Juicy, soft, sweet, and tart in perfect harmony; HIMEBERRY is a brand new, made-in-Japan variety of strawberries.  We cultivate HIMEBERRY by using vinyl greenhouse and irrigation tubes; the first ever in Nepal.  In order to maximize the special, sweet taste of the strawberries,  the temperature is strictly maintained inside the greenhouse, and watering is controlled precisely, drop by drop.  Both through greenhouse cultivation and open-field cultivation, strawberries are cultivated on healthy and fine soil using natural organic matter while minimizing chemical fertilizers and pesticides,  while ensuring the sweetness of the strawberries.  Strawberries are fruits which have no skin and are served as-is. Thus, considering the health of our customers, HIMEBERRY  does not use any chemical pesticides after flowering, so children can also enjoy Hime Berry withoutconcern.   Everybody loves fresh sweet strawberries.  Please try our fresh sweet HIMEBERRY. The “Hime” in “HIMEBERRY ” is the Japanese word for “princess” and the first three letters of the Himalayas.   (Free delivery available inside KTM more than 1200Nrs order in our online shop ) 

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