What is “Hime Berry”?

Wel-come to Our Farms

Juicy, soft, sweet and tart in a perfect harmony. Hime Berry is a brand new made-in-Japan variety of strawberries.
We cultivate Hime Berry by adopting the method of using vinyl greenhouse and irrigation tubes for the first time in Nepal.
The temperature is maintained inside the greenhouse and watering is controlled precisely drop by drop of water,
in order to maximize the special sweet taste of strawberries.

We started growing HIME BERRY in Nepal for the first time by installing greenhouse and irrigation tubes.
Under greenhouse cultivation and open-field cultivation, strawberry is cultivated on healthy and fine soil using natural organic matter
while minimizing chemical fertilizers and pesticides to maximize the sweetness of strawberries themselves.
Strawberries is special fruits which have no skin and are served as it is.
Considering the health of our customers, HIME BERRY does not use any chemical pesticides after flowering,
so children can also enjoy HIME BERRY with confidence.

Everybody loves fresh sweet strawberries. Please try our fresh sweet Hime Berry.
The Hime of Hime Berry is the Japanese word for “princess” and the first three letters of the Himalayas.



Cultivation method that takes advantage of nature

Drive northwest for an hour from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal and you will arrive at Kakani Village. Kakani, richly endowed with nature and standing on a hill, is an ideal place to plant strawberries. The water from the mountains is of the best grade in purity. Our Farms is planting the made-in-Japan winter-harvest type of strawberries in such superb environment. “Taste of the Earth” is the concept behind our products. Sunlight, soil, water and air. Such local inherent power of nature is fully utilized in cultivation. “Natural,” “Delicious,” and “Beautiful” are the three core elements of our products values. Our Farms has established its own Natural Respect Standards. We minimize use of agrichemicals and fertilizers and cultivate strawberries in organic, healthy soil.

How to grow How to grow


HIME BERRY will be carefully packaged in a box and delivered

Freshness is of utmost importance for strawberries. Fresh strawberries harvested by contract farmer partners are carefully packed and placed in trays to prevent damage to delicate fruits, and shipped under strict temperature control. Strawberries grown in beautiful nature and pure soil. Delicious, fresh HIME BERRY are perfect as a gift to your loved ones

How to deliver
How to deliver


Seven strawberries per day for your health and beauty

Fresh strawberries contain potassium, which plays an important role in preventing bloating, fatigue and mood swings, and in controlling high blood pressure


Folate works with vitamin B12 to produce red blood cells. Strawberries are rich in folate,

Vitamin C

Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C, which cannot be made in the body. It provides numerous health and beauty benefits and boosts immunity.

Dietary fiber

Strawberries contain two times more dietary fiber than citrus fruits. Dietary fibers may help reduce body cholesterol and delay absorption of glucose.



More Jobs, Better lives
Creating jobs all over the world through agriculture

Our Mission is to create jobs in exact place where people want jobs. With inherent power of nature, we will produce the best farm products. We firmly believe that our business can help make the world into a better place.



“Create 10,000 jobs in Nepal by 2030”
Through agriculture around the world, we aim to become a “Agricultural brand that symbolizes world peace”.

Farm products can be developed anywhere in the world, as long as we have the right combination of sun, soil, water, and seeds. By selling fine farm products, we desire to create a lot of jobs all over the world and expand the possibilities in people’s lives.



Farm loans (repayment type with crops)
Some of the essential recourses, such as fertilizers, agrichemicals, agricultural materials can be repaid with crops.
We aim to build a scheme that enables people with no farm land or no money to start in agriculture with minimum debt.

Guarantee to have all crops purchased
Our Farms purchases the entire harvest of our partner farmers in accordance with quality-based pricing. Regardless of fluctuation in the market prices of farm products, long-term stable livelihood can be guaranteed.

Guidance of cultivation method using data
We provide on-site guidance using data from specialized staff, such as fertilization plan design based on soil analysis, cultivation methods, and measures against disease.



Our first encounter with Nepal

In April 2014, Wakayama and I made our first visit to Nepal for mountain climbing in the Himalayas. Wakayama is an entrepreneur and runs a major listed outsourcing service company in Japan. I have dreamed of engaging in international contribution since I was a child. For us, Nepal was so different and unique. Yet we felt like coming back to a long-forgotten place. We were charmed by vivid lives and vitality of its people.

Desire to create jobs in Nepal

One day, we came across an unforgettable scene. Many Nepalese were standing in a long line in front of the Japanese Embassy, in order to get a visa to Japan. We later learned that Nepal is one of the poorest countries in Asia. The average monthly income is around 7,000 yen, or less than 60 dollars, inflation is rising, and there are not enough jobs. Their choices in life are naturally very limited in such environment. Hence many young people try to go abroad to countries such as Japan, Malaysia, the Middle East, and other places, looking for a job to earn money. Intuitively we felt a desire to create jobs in Nepal. A desire to start up a business with added value that would generate a profit in Nepal. Then the profit would be reinvested and create jobs in other poor countries in the world. If such virtuous cycle can be created, we can contribute to society in the form of a sustainable business. This is what we anticipate.

Make the best strawberries in Nepal

How can we generate added value? Our answer is agriculture. It can create jobs in the place where you were born and use your natural environment to produce crops. After numerous intensive discussions, we felt impelled to produce top-quality farm products with local people, by using suitable varieties from Japan and advanced farming technology developed in Japan. Nepal is blessed with rich nature, which can bring forth excellent farm products if appropriate fertilizers, cultivation knowledge, and superior breeds are available and are used. In fact, however, fruits made in Nepal represent only 30% of total consumption. The rest is imported from India and China. We, Our Farms, want to change that distorted situation. We have thus selected strawberries as our first product as they can be of high grade and be used in various processed foods.

Nanami Wakayama
Corporate Name
Our Farms Co. Ltd.
Head Office 
Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan
August 31, 2015
9 million yen
Business Activities
Production, sale, and imports and exports of farm products
Corporate Name: Our Farms Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Durbar Marga, Kathmandu
Naruo Katte
General Manager
Shyam Krishna Bala Shrestha
Marketing manager
Rabina Sakhakarmi
Kathmandu Store Manager
Khem Bista
Delivery manager
Bhim Bahadur Shrestha
Field Manager
Shiva Raj Pokhrel
Agriculture Technical Manager
Ramesh Manandhar
Himeberry truck Driver
Indra Tamang
Field Memeber
Ram Kumar Tamang
Field Supervisor (Nursery Care)
Singa Bdr Tamang
Nursery Care
Hiroko Sato
Organic Farming Advisor

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HIME BERRY Strawberry Store

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HIME BERRY Strawberry Store

Address: Sirjana chowk opposite of ncell center Fewa road
Open: 10:00-18:00
Tel: 9803611283

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