About Us

Our Mission

More Jobs, Better lives
Creating jobs all over the world through agriculture

Our Mission is to create jobs in exact place where people want jobs. With inherent power of nature, we will produce the best farm products. We firmly believe that our business can help make the world into a better place.

Our Vision

“Creating jobs for 10,000 people in Nepal in five years.”
And then,
“Creating jobs for one million people in 100 countries with 100 kinds of farm products within the 21st century.”

Farm products can be developed anywhere in the world, as long as we have the right combination of sun, soil, water, and seeds. By selling fine farm products, we desire to create a lot of jobs all over the world and expand the possibilities in people’s lives.

Our Method

  • Farm loans
    (repayment type with crops)

    Our Farms provides all essential resources, such as seeds and seedlings, fertilizers, and agrichemicals, free of charge.
    Fees may be charged for land rental, vinyl greenhouses, and farm equipment rental. Repayment of loans for these can be in the form of farm products.

    We aim to build a scheme that enables people with no farm land and no money start in agriculture with minimum debt.

  • Guarantee to have all crops purchased

    Our Farms purchases the entire harvest of our partner farmers in accordance with quality-based pricing.
    Regardless of fluctuation in the market prices of farm products, long-term stable livelihood can be guaranteed.

  • Supply of information on cultivation method

    Photos, videos, and other information on farm crop cultivation methods and efficient harvesting know-how will be made available.

Our Team

  • Yoichi Wakayam President and Representative Director

    Yoichi Wakayama
    President and Representative Director

  • Nanami Otsuki Vice President and Representative Director

    Nanami Otsuki
    Vice President and Representative Director

Company Profile

Corporate Name
Our Farms Co., Ltd.
Head Office
Tokyo, Japan
August 31, 2015
9 million yen
Business Activities
Production, sale, and imports and exports of farm products


Corporate Name
Our Farms Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Lazimpat, Kathmandu